Department 106

1. All State of WI mandatory health regulations apply. See County & District Fairs, Rules & Regulations of Animal Health in front portion of this book.
2. In addition the following rules will also be enforced:
3. Open class exhibits are open to Jefferson County residents, residents of other counties space permitting or members of Jefferson County Draft Horse Club.
4. A negative EIA (Coggins) test is required for all equines exhibiting. The test must have been conducted within the current calendar year. ORIGINAL documentation must be shown at the check-in table. The 4 in 1 vaccine is required and should be given a minimum of 3 weeks before the fair. (The 4 in 1 is Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus and Equine influenza.)
5. Draft horses must pass inspection by the superintendent prior to the entry for showing. Draft horses will not be permitted to enter the fair unless they are in good state of health, do not show evidence of any contagious or infectious disease and have the original certificate of vaccination for Equine Influenza for current year.
6. All draft horses exhibited are subject to random drug testing at the Jefferson County Fair Board discretion
7. Known kickers must have a red ribbon in their tail. This will not be judged against the horse.
8. An entry fee of $4.00 per lot number will be charged. There will not be an entry fee for ribbon classes. Entry fees are to be paid when submitting fair entry or will not be allowed to show in that class.
9. Box/tie stall rent will be determined by the Jefferson County Fair and potential exhibitors will be notified of these fees prior to the entry deadline.
10. The superintendent reserves the right to assign stalls.
11. The same draft horses may not be used for ladies and men's cart and team hitch classes.
12. The superintendent will attempt to obtain class sponsors.
13. Absolutely NO CO-RIDERS under the age of 13 on carts or wagons other than Specific Class for Juniors and Seniors
14. All Junior Driving Classes MUST BE accompanied by an Adult 18 or over
15. Stall Fees $15.00 a stall
16. Check in between Wednesday Noon and Thursday Noon.  NO LATE CHECK IN.


Class A - Halter Classes
1. Stallion, Foal, any breed
2. Registered stallion, any breed, 1-2 years
3. Registered stallion, any breed, age 3 and over
Champion & Reserve Champion Stallion - Ribbon Award Only (NON-Premium)
4. Filly, Any breed
5. Registered Filly, 1 yr. old, any breed
6. Registered Filly, 2 years old, any breed
Junior Champion & Reserve Champion Filly Ribbon Award Only (NON-Premium) 
7. Registered Mare, 3 years old, any breed
8. Registered Mare, 4 years old, any breed
9. Registered Mare, 5 years old, any breed
Premium: Class 1 - 9 $12.00-$10.00-$8.00-$6.00
10. Unregistered mare (grade), any age
Champion & Reserve Champion Mare - Ribbon Award Only (Non-Premium)
11. Gelding, age 3 and under
12. Gelding, age 4 and over
Champion & Reserve Champion Gelding - Ribbon Award Only (NON-Premium) 
Premium: Class 10-12 $9.00-$8.00-$7.00-$5.00

13. Mare and Foal - Ribbon Awards - Non-Premium
14. Get of Sire - any 2 draft horses with same sire - Ribbon Award
15. Produce of Dam - any 2 draft horses same dam - Ribbon Award
16. Breeder's Herd - 1 Stallion and 2 Mares or Fillies - Ribbon Award
17. Showmanship - 12 yrs. & Under - Ribbon Award 
18. Showmanship - 13 yrs. - 17 yrs. - Ribbon Award 
19. Showmanship Adults 18 yrs & Over - Ribbon Award


Class B - Hitch Classes
1. Single horse hitched to a 2-wheeled cart (Men)
2. Single horse hitched to a 2-wheeled cart (Lady Driver)
3. Single horse hitched to a 2-wheeled cart (Jr. Driver 12 and under)
4. Single horse hitched to a 2-wheeled cart (Sr. Driver 13 yr - 17 yr)
5. Farm team hitched to Farm vehicle
6. Show team hitched to appropriate vehicle (Man Driver)
7. Show team hitched to appropriate vehicle (Lady Driver)
8. Show team hitched to appropriate vehicle (Jr. Driver 13 yr - 17 yr.)
Premiums: Lot# 1 - 7 $50.00-40.00-30.00-20.00

9. Unicorn hitch $65.00-50.00-40.00-30.00
10. Four horse hitch $75.00-65.00-50.00-35.00
11. Six Horse Hitch $100.00-85.00-60.00-45.00
*Jr. Driver - 16 years and younger