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Junior Exhibitors

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Welcome Junior Exhibitors!

Whether you belong to a 4-H club, FFA chapter, or an independent group this page should provide you with everything you need to know! From rules and exhibiting opportunities listed in the Fair Book to entering the Fair Online, Junior Judging Schedule and more! If you have any questions beyond what is on the website please call the Fair Office at 920-674-7148!
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West Side 30amp Camping - SOLD OUT!
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Judging Schedule

Dairy Cattle - Future Showman waivers should be turned in by Tuesday June 27th at 7 p.m.
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Miss Q Information

All Entries are Due on June 27th, 2017 at the Mandatory Dairy Meeting.

To Enter the Miss Q Competition the Needed Information is:
  1. Herd Code
  2. Farm name
  3. Animal name, tag, registration # (however the animal is identified on the DHI record)
  4. CNTL/ Computer #
  5. Lactation # (classes are 1, 2, 3, and 4 or greater)
  6. Exhibitor name and phone #
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