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Winter Storage

Registration for returning customers is open!

If you stored with us last year you should have received an email with instructions on how to register for the 2018-2019 season.

Winter Storage spaces will open up to the general public on Monday October 8th if space is still available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the length of the unit measured?

Boats: Your measurements must include the total length, including the boat and the trailer. Boats should be measured from the tongue of the trailer to the end of the boat motor.

Pull-behind Campers: Your measurements must include the total length and be measured from the tongue to the back bumper.

Cars and RVs: Measure from bumper to bumper.

Motorcycles and small cars/campers: All storage units less than 10 feet long will be charged a minimum of 10 feet.

Can I take my unit out of storage in February?

If you are considering removing your unit(s) early in the season, i.e. February or March you will need to notify the Fair Park Office at time of DROP-OFF. This will allow us to place your unit(s) in a spot that has easier access for early removal. Early removals are limited and additional fees may be charged for labor needed to release those units.

What is the last date I can bring my unit(s) in to storage?

We accept winter storage until the snow falls. If you would like to bring your unit in later and we have to plow around the buildings there will be additional fees may be charged.

What are the storage buildings like?

Indoor storage - Unit(s) will be stored in an enclosed, non-heated, locked building with concrete or sand floor.

Outdoor storage - Unit(s) are stored outside with no protection from the weather. The Jefferson County Fair Park has several open-air pole barns. If there is room available, the Fair Park will make every effort to place the unit(s) in one of these barns.This decision will be made in the sole discretion of Fair Park staff.

What are the dates for the storage season?

The end of October to the beginning of April. Please see current years contract for details.

Do I have access to my unit during the storage season? i.e. Left something in my unit, want to check the battery, unit is for sale and buyer wants to look at it,etc.

No. The buildings are locked and will not be opened due to limited staff and security purposes. Special accommodations may be made on a case by case basis. Fees may apply.

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