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Family Shows 2018

Thanks for coming to the 166th Jefferson County Fair!

Join us next year July 10 -14, 2019!!

Sea Lion Splash

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Kachunga Photos Taken By: John Laatsch

Brant the FireGuy

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Pleasure Valley Pig and Duck Races

Off to the races, come and see who wins at the Pleasure Valley Pig and Duck Races. Cheer on your pig to victory as it glides across the track to a prize of an Oreo cookie. Make some noise for the ducks as they swim as fast as they can, the louder the crowd the faster they swim. The races will happen every day at the Jefferson County Fair, located on the south end of the fair grounds.

Jefferson County K-9 Unit

K-9 Balko – Deputy Scott Gukich
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Captain Paul Wallace

Sgt. Brian Olson

K-9 Falkos -- Deputy Greg Jansen

K-9 Balko – Deputy Scott Gukich

K-9 Harlow – Deputy Jason Behm

The Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit is the most actively utilized of the specialty units. Besides regular patrol duties, the K-9 unit is often called for assistance by deputies and other agencies, both inside and outside of our county. This may take place due to traffic stops, task force investigations, search warrants, or school and prison searches. The K-9 unit is also used for evidence searches, tracking of suspects or missing persons, building searches, and to prevent escape.

We continue to do many public demonstrations for schools, church groups, and community organizations. These demonstrations allow us to enhance community relations by explaining the workings of the unit, the benefit to the Sheriff’s Office, and the benefits to the citizens of this county. Monetary donations are often received as a result of the demonstrations, and those donations are used for training and equipment, which lessens the burden on the taxpayer.

The handlers and K-9’s go through extensive training every year, and are all certified through the North American Police Work Dog Association. The teams must show a proficiency in obedience, article search, area search, building search, tracking, narcotic detection, and aggression control. The teams also train on their own as a unit at least twice a month, and attend other training sessions throughout the year.

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