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Horse Barn

Welcome to the Jefferson County Fair Horse Barn!

Meet the exhibitors and their horses that would have been at the 2020 Jefferson County Fair! We appreciate all their hard work they have done this year and are excited to showcase them here on our website!

Exhibitor Name: Isabel ("Bea") Osborn

Horse Name: Teddy

Youth Organization: Country Roamers 4-H

Bio: "Hi! I'm Bea, and I'm 11 and I've just finished Sixth Grade. This would have been my third time showing a horse at Fair, and my second time showing Teddy. Teddy is an 18 year old American Paint horse, with four white stockings and a blaze. He belongs to Lou Warpinski, and she kindly let me lease him this year! His favorite treats are peppermints, apples, and carrots. I love Teddy a lot, and he has been a wonderful horse for me, and we have had so much fun together! He is also sometimes quite challenging for me, even despite his age. This year, we have worked very hard together and made so much progress in understanding each other and working together. We have done lots of loping bareback (this was one of my goals for me as a rider this year), and lots of riding without a saddle or reins. We've improved our groundwork, and we were able to complete the gate obstacle in the trail class for the first time ever! We have focussed on getting Teddy's lope to be slow and controlled for Western Pleasure, and on helping Teddy respect his humans more. He has taught me so much as well! Thank you so much to Lou Warpinski for letting me lease him, and Dan Grunewald for helping me understand him better. I will always be grateful for this experience I have had with Teddy!"


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