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Poultry Exhibitors


All exhibitors who are under the age of 18 shall be required to attend a mandatory learning workshop to be eligible to show. Exhibitors under the age of 18 shall only be exempt from attending this workshop if they have participated in the Jefferson County Fair Poultry Show for more than four consecutive years. Exhibitors showing eggs or posters only shall also be exempt from attendance at the learning workshop. Two dates will be offered for this meeting June 8th at 7pm, and June 26th at 9am. Exhibitors must attend one of these two meetings.

Option 1: Tuesday June 8th - 7pm (Activity Center)

Option 2: Saturday June 26th - 9am (Poultry Barn)

All exhibitors must perform a minimum of two hours volunteer service in conjunction with the fair show. Volunteer service shall include; 1 hour show set-up, 1/2 hour of barn duty and 1/2 hour of show tear-down. Exhibitors who do not participate in volunteer service shall forfeit all premiums and trophies for that exhibition year. Two dates will be offered to meet the set up requirement. Exhibitors must attend one of the two set up dates or make special arrangements with the superintendent prior to July 1st.

Option 1: Saturday June 26th - 10am (Poultry Barn)
Option 2: Sunday June 27th - 10am (Poultry Barn)

Persons exhibiting poultry at Jefferson County Fair must submit copy of official documentation or form 9-2 demonstrating that their birds are pullorum-typhoid free to the fair office prior to July 1st. Poultry may not be exhibited at Jefferson County Fair unless accompanied by the required health forms. The Jefferson County Fair is not responsible for pullorum testing, a full list of Wisconsin testers can be found at https://datcp.wi.gov/Documents/PullorumTesters.pdf.

The Jefferson County Poultry Enthusiasts Group will be holding a FREE Pullorum testing clinic on Sunday June 27th. This is the only clinic that will be offered by the Jefferson County Poultry Enthusiasts.

Option 1:
Sunday June 27th 9am - 11am (Poultry Barn)
Option 2: NONE

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