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Sheep Exhibitors

2022 Fair Updates

The Jefferson County Fair will take place July 13-17,2022 with multiple programs pertaining to Sheep!

Rate of Gain Contest

Youth wishing to participate in the OPTIONAL Sheep & Goat Rate of Gain competitions must bring their Sheep/Goat market projects to Equity Livestock in Johnson Creek on May 7th from 9 – 11 am to be officially identified and weighed. RFID Ear Tag and DNA Identification will be available to purchase on-site for $15. Questions, please contact Brian Bolan at BBolan@jeffersoncountywi.gov or 920-674-7148.

This is an optional class to participate in.

If you are not participating in weigh-in please view the Junior Market Animal 840 Ear Tag & DNA Identification Information page for more information.

Jefferson Co. Animal Auction & Youth Celebration

For more information on this program please click here.

Jr. Market Animal 840 Ear Tag & DNA Identification

Jefferson County Fair requires all junior market beef, sheep, swine and goats to have official USDA 840 ear tag and official DNA hair sample identification. For more information click here.

YQCA - Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

The Jefferson County Fair believes the national YQCA program is beneficial for participants of the animal auction. Therefore, current YQCA certification is a requirement for all JCF auction participants which must be completed and submitted by June 1st.

The Youth for the Quality Care of Animals program is being updated this month! If you are needing to download/print your YQCA certificates it must be done on or before March 22nd so they can get imported into the new system when available. Please do this no later than March 22! No information will be able to be retrieved if you miss this deadline. Website to use until March 22nd: http://yqca.org/

After March 23rd: please bookmark the New YQCA website. https://yqcaprogram.org. This website currently has frequently asked questions information as well as the recordings of recent webinars that will answer your questions. Directions on how download and print certificates are available there as well. Please review that material before reaching out with questions.

If you have questions as you’re navigating these steps, please reach out to programmanager@yqcaprogram.org.

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